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I fucking love sasha grey.
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From Russia with love, Konstantin Slepuhi


Isaac Cordal - Cement Eclipses. Chiapas, Mexico. 2013

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Isaac Cordal was in Mexico last year where he could give some new perspectives to his project Cement Eclipses. The Spanish artists so get inspired by the local folklore to stage his miniature sculptures in the streets of cities and villages located in Chiapas. Next to this, he also collaborated with young students of the Escuelita Zapatista. Together, they collected clay from the paths of the country and shaped some figurine then leaved to their own destiny. Here after, you’ll find pictures taken back from his South-American trip by Isaac. Lastly, let’s remind a book bringing together photographs of the installations he made last year in Nantes has been published. You’ll find it on

John “Sluggo” Tottenham

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We sell all of these things (except the edible condoms) and they are very specifically in the gag gift section next to the dick lollipops and drinking games and people keep trying to buy them for actual sexytimes.